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4 01, 2019

How to Sell Today’s Internet Savvy Customer

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Selling today’s Internet-savvy customer isn’t difficult, it’s different. If you’re planning on selling them, you will have to get on target. It’s not changing, it’s changed!

Do you remember 11 years ago? Eleven years ago, Facebook was still competing with MySpace for traffic. Amazon was known primarily for selling books, and the iPhone was just released. When you think about it, it’s another world; a very old world.

We are all customers, and we’ve all changed. How we shop is completely different. Remember when merchants were insulted because people were talking on their phones and walking through their stores? Now we rarely look twice at them; it’s just the way things are. Although my dermatologist has a sign in the office that reads, “If you need to use your cell phone don’t use it here!” It feels a little harsh, but the office is really quiet.

So what does this mean to those of use that connect with today’s customers? We need to understand the customer’s journey and what tools they have in their toolbox. Salespeople still need to know how to sell, have the determination and a good personal presence. The ability to communicate with the customer is more important than ever. Building rapport has never been a more useful skill. Salespeople they need to understand ‘how they buy’ so they can be part of the customer’s world.

The Internet plays a huge part in today’s purchase so if you’re not connected and still don’t think it’s important; you’re not only behind you are in another world. I have several friends who don’t text, their reasoning, “It’s not warm and fuzzy.” What it really means is they have a ‘flip phone’ and writing text can take you into next year! They ask me why I don’t leave phone messages, and I tell them it’s not very efficient, and I don’t want to spend the day playing phone tag!

Not sure of the customer’s journey, ask the customer how they get information and how they buy. Examine your own journey and incorporate into your sales pitch. Here’s one idea that will get you on the right road; before you waste the customer’s time looking at all of your products, ask them if they’ve been to your website and looked at products. Ask if they’ve seen anything they like and would they like to look at it ‘in person.’ Turn on your computer or iPad and bring up the products they like. You can also ask what other sites they’ve been to and what products they’ve seen.

Want to know more about this topic?

I will be conducting three seminars for Mohawk Industries at the Loews Hotel, 455 N. Park Dr., Chicago, IL on January 16, 17th.

The three seminars are: “How to Sell to today’s Internet Savvy Customer, 10 Ways to Attract and Keep Talented Employees, * Ways to Use Technology to Grow Your Business.” To sign up for these seminars, call your local Mohawk Industries Representative.

Thanks to Usabilla for the image and the Customer Experience Winners.

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20 06, 2018

Wow, I Have Really Been Off my Game!

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I really owe you my dear reader, an apology. I haven’t posted since April 2018. What have I been doing? You know life isn’t supposed to get in the way of your business, but mine sure has. Like many of you, every so often we reach a crossroads in our life. Where am I and what should I do next? I know I love all of you, your notes and your phone calls so I don’t want to leave you. I want to make it more interesting. I’ve put together a bunch more for you! By the way, I’ve started sending new weekly emails through Followyourcustomer–I am adding you to the list. You can opt out if you don’t like them.


Many of you know I spend a lot of time at the gym—Yoga, Pilates and lifting weights. I also meditate. This helps me stay centered and clear out my thought process. I also attend lots of movies; they give me different ideas.

I am working on a series of online video training programs; when they are ready for release,  you will be the first to know. I am also intending to do a weekly show, WHITEBOARD WEDNESDAY, A FIVE MINUTE TIP AND TRICKS SERIES. I’m intending to make everything fun and would love your thoughts and ideas on what you would like.

Thank you so much for sticking with me; for some of you it has been almost 10 years! I started blogging on July 25, 2008! Maybe I should recycle some of them? Actually I like one called “Overcoming Objections: What about the Ones you Can’t Overcome?” I will find it for you.

Here are some photos of the garden, it’s been a rough year for one of my kitties, Rainyday. He has a terminal disease but he is still making the most of life.

Again I thank  you for bringing me into your life.

Hugs, Lisbeth

Lisbeth has been a motivational speaker and trainer for over 20 years. Her book “Red Hot Customer Service” was voted one of the top customer service books. Look for her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To book a consultation, call her at 518.495-5380, EST, or email her at


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29 10, 2017

Magnetically Attract the Best Customers by Becoming a Community Hub

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Attract customers by becoming a community hub

“Is Amazon coming for you?”

On November 9th I will be the guest expert on FCNews Marketing Mastery Webinar.

Amazon has created huge disruption in retail by making it easy to buy virtually anything on line, and they are now expanding into brick-and-mortar.


Box stores have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into advertising to create brand awareness. It may seem hopeless but it isn’t.

As a small retailer, you have advantages the big boys don’t. By using the right strategies you can out maneuver the big players and run circles around them. I will be revealing a powerful strategy to outmaneuver the big companies, and attract a LOT more customers during the upcoming fCNews webinar called:


For more info and to sign up:

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23 11, 2015

Your Employees Need More Than a Turkey for Thankgiving

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turkeyThanksgiving is the day for giving thanks for many things. But employees need more than a turkey.

It’s a holiday time when we get involved in our own families and shut out the outside world. As a business owner, this is wonderful time to give thanks to your managers and employees.

Being recognized satisfies a basic need that we all have; to be recognized. The holiday season is a perfect time to build and strengthen your relationships with all of your employees. It’s likely your employees spend more time at work than they do at home. You are part of their extended family. The older we get the family we have left in our lives.

This is the season where everyone is on overload and probably worrying about money. Prices continue to rise, and it’s likely your employees are feeling the pinch. In addition, you are probably trying to bring in as much money before the holidays and are wondering if business is going to go cold over the holidays. Your employees are wondering also; especially if they’re on commission.

How can you recognize them?

Spend as much time as you can during the holidays with your employees. Sure you’re the boss and can disappear over the holidays but why not stay and share in some holiday cheer with them. Having a catered dinner or lunch with them will help them celebrate together. You may not be part of their team, but it’s likely they feel close to each other.

Recognize their special efforts and tell each one of them how important they are to you. If there’s a way to give them some time off, why not? When I was in the retail business, we used to give our employees a special holiday dinner, and also celebrate New Year’s Day in the store with holiday cheer. (We rented a piano for the holidays and sang Christmas songs with our customers!)

As a group, why not adopt a charity or a family and give something back. We did several things, one that seemed to be the most enjoyed was to bring presents to the nursing home or collect “Toys for Tots.”

Hold special events for your customers. This is the time to give away mistletoe and small gifts to your customers. You can also have the holiday cheer in your store and invite your favorite customers. If they spend enough time in your store, it’s likely they see you as family. This is a good time for a “Girl’s Night Out” with plenty of vendors selling holidays gifts.

The bottom line, employees are what make your business go ‘round. It’s a good time to remember this. Happy Holidays!

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29 10, 2015

How Much Does Your Excitement Matter to the Customer?

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Eat more oatmeal!

Eat more oatmeal! Today is National Oatmeal Day.

A smile and excitement are worth quite a bit if today was any indication of it.

Today was “National Oatmeal Day” so the Quaker representatives were handing out fee oatmeal in NYC Penn. Station.   It was interesting watching the response they were getting from consumers. . Some of the reps. were very enthusiastic, smiling and making a big deal about the day. Others didn’t smile and just tried to get people to take the oatmeal.  The ones that were smiling and excited were getting people to take two; the ones who didn’t smile literally “couldn’t give the oatmeal away.”

I kept thinking back to something I say in sales training. “Remember whatever you have it’s catching to the customer.” The person with the highest or lowest energy will shift it to the other one. If you’re excited, it’s catching, if you’re miserable, it’s catching. It was incredible how obvious it was today.

I took the oatmeal with a smile on my face. I also took a good look at it and read the ingredients. The woman’s excitements made me curious and want to know more. Hey, not a big thing; we’re just talking oatmeal now!

I consider NYC the place for looking and shopping. I had an appointment in the city but instead of taking a cab, I choose to walk the 1.4 miles. (Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea in heels.)  I went into several stores to watch salespeople and look around.

Desigual is fun.

Desigual is fun.

My favorite store is Desigual out of Spain. The clothes are very arty and super different. The people, who work there is darling, just like the store. They laugh with the customers and talk about how you have to be careful how many of their prints you wear together, or you’ll look like a clown! I left laughing and energized. They truly have an energized brand.


For me NYC is energizing. There are many different types of people, interesting fashions and the most helpful that I know. I left my phone on my car seat and had to keep asking directions to my destination. I choose to ask many people to see what type of reception I would get. People took out their phones to look for directions, some walked with me to make sure I was heading the right way.

We all need to reenergize. Some of us get it from alone time and others from other people.  Getting refueled is about connecting with yourself and who you are. Get out of the house and go to the movies, get to the gym.  I enjoy being around people who have lots of energy because I feel lifted. In fact, it will carry me thought many days of work. I also love when I can share my energy with others. Energy goes both ways.

If you get a free moment, check out your energy and the people around you. Are you in a major slump? People can energize you as well as deplete you of your energy. Take a minute and think about yourself.

Remember what the flight attendant says, “Put your oxygen mask on first before helping anyone else.”

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3 09, 2015

7 Lies Customers Tell and How You Can Still Sell Them

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