What Does Sales Success and Body Building Have in Common?

Several weeks ago I conducted a sales and product knowledge training in Burlington, Vermont for Mohawk Industries. In the front row was a rather petite, attractive and outspoken young woman named Marion Posluszny. Marion is part of the management team at Wholesale Flooring in North Hampton, NH.

Marion was extremely sharp and when I […]

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Are you a Victor or Victim of the Environment?

Stress will always be in your environment. You might not be able to change it but you can change your reaction.

“Don‘t Squat with Your Spurs On and Other Things we do to Sabotage Our Success”

Why do we do things that aren't good for our success?

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Want to be Successful? You’ll have to do your own Pushups

Becoming successful isn't easy; but if you take certain steps, you will get there.

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Success Happens One Bite At A Time

Weight Watchers recipe for success.

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Is Success What You Really Want? 11 Top Reads to Keep You Motivated in 2013

With the New Year around the corner, I start thinking, how will I continue to motivate myself to take on the tasks ahead.  The next statement is always, what are the tasks?

My friend, The Growth Coach,  John Stahl,  l told me not to let work get in the way.

Interesting thought.Work that really doesn’t make […]

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Do You Know Where You’re Going?

I hope this article is timely for you; it is for me.  For many of us the  economy is still moping along and we’re trying to figure out what to do next. Consumers are changing their buying habits, myself included. Friends are downsizing their lifestyles and examining their life choices. The recession may be […]


Miracle on the Hudson River: One Passenger’s Experience

“No time to blink, no time to think.”

That’s how Jorge Morgado describes the experience and the day that would change his thoughts and his life forever. What started out as a normal day for Jorge didn’t end that way. He had his breakfast, coffee and a kiss goodbye. While most of us don’t […]

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You Never Know Where the Next Best Idea is Going to Come From

In Search of New Sources of RevenueLike many of you, I am working harder than ever to maintain the level of business this year versus last. As I work on the core of my business – consulting, training, writing books, etc. – I am always searching for new revenue streams.  Who isn’t looking […]

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A Homecoming Can Be All That You Make It and More

Several weeks ago I was invited to speak at Carpet Network’s Homecoming 2009 in San Antonio, TX. Carpet Network is a shop-at-home franchise founded in the early 90s by Christine and Lenny Rankin. At the time they had a very successful floor covering store and decided to take their concept to the next […]

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