Are you a Victor or Victim of the Environment?

Stress will always be in your environment. You might not be able to change it but you can change your reaction.

Success Is Not All About You

Being a loaner doesn't guarantee success.

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Will 2014 Be Any Different? Forget the New Year’s Resolutions.

New Year's Resolutions really suck. Only four percent of people actually follow through. PIck out one or two things that will make a difference and make it happen. Need help? Hire a coach.

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Whether You Win or Lose, the Sun Will Rise

Of course we want to win; but who is your competition?

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Do You Make Bad Choices because you’re Desperate?

This reminds me of people who hire the wrong people for their business. They seem to like people who are like them and can only see the ‘matching’ traits. Just because the traits aren't matching doesn't mean it’s a bad fit. However, it’s easier to talk about it before you hire the person. If something is very important to you and your business—get it out of the way. It’s costly to hire and train a new employee—it’s even more expensive if the employee isn't very good.

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Decide To Walk Through Your Life: One Step At A Time

Living one's life in the present; not in the past or the future. It's the only way it can be done.

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Is it Possible We Think Too Much?

Think makes things happen; can it be we think too much?

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Want it to Work? You Better do it Your Way

The other night at the Alliance Flooring Convention I was struck with a statement made by  keynote speaker Dale (“the Murph”) Murphy. Dale was a major league baseball player for 18 years.  Dale said there was a time when he was playing so badly that he thought he should quit. It didn’t matter what […]

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