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How to Talk Crazy Customers “Off the Ledge” and Other Tactics

Helping someone get over their anger is difficult, especially when it has no basis.

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Want to Improve Your Bottom Line? Hold Events in Your Store

How can a company bring in customers without breaking the bank?

4 Ways to Go the “Extra Inch” to Make Your Customer Service Better–Take it from the Japanese Culture

Going the extra mile isn't hard and it's worth the effort.

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Are Your Salespeople Missing in Action?

Waiting for customers to come into your store used to be a good strategy for salespeople. Unfortunately customers are choosing "their own" salespeople online by connecting before they go into a store. Are you connecting or still waiting?

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Are You Keeping Your Promises To Your Customers?

Customer service is not a finite event. It should be ongoing and forever changing.

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Customer Service is not about Technology, It’s About Keeping Up With the Customer

Knowing technology will not necessarily get you closer to your customer. You must know where your customer hangs out then you can choose the right technology.

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Does Your Customer Service Need Cleaning Up?

Customer service means eliminating old policies and looking for new ones. When was the last time you looked at your data base?

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Customer Service: The New Profit Link To Your Business

It’s time  for SmAlbany 2013. I’m excited again to be speaking at the event. . My topic this year is Customer Service: The New Profit Link for Your Business.

How does customer service become the new link to your business? Because sales in its previous format no longer exists.  We’ve entered into the fourth age—it’s […]

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Sell Anything, Anywhere, Anytime—Awesome Customer Service

I just finished reading an article titled “Mobility Means Wal-Mart can sell you tooth paste at a bus stop” by Steve Smith. It started me thinking, basically if your business is ‘mobile ready’ you can always be in front of a customer. I was in a restaurant yesterday, and I realized that over half […]

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What’s the Real Problem Disney?

Customers are annoyed they have to wait in Disney lines for rides so they're hiring disabled tour guides.

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