Let Your Creative Juice’s Flow!

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New doors lead to new thinking.

Looking for something new?

Life is about being creative.I don’t know about you, but some days I’m on automatic pilot. Ask me what I’ve done and I’ll tell you “the same old, same old.” The only way to have something different happen is to choose to do something different. It’s not so easy. I have had a writer’s block so to speak. For some reason I wasn’t making time to do one of the things I really like and that’s write. Luckily enough, my friend Jeanne Heiberg was holding another writer’s workshop. Jeanne is a well known author and painter and always brings new ways of thinking to her workshops.

Her workshops are very much like guided meditation except with a “hook.” She gives you a topic, suggests that you “go there” and then you write about it.It can be rather unnerving but being with a group of writers it is also very stimulating.The end results are very personal and thought provoking for everyone. Having shared your deepest thoughts with strangers they suddenly  become new friends. The strangeness is replaced with a wonderful new bond.

Once everyone writes their piece, we are asked to add our “two cents.” There is rarely anything critical, just everyone’s thoughts about your plot and how it made them feel.Of course this is all very subjective but it’s fun seeing everyone’s reaction.

A writer’s workshop isn’t just about writing; it’s about thinking in a very different way. Whether it be personal change or change for your business, you have to approach tasks differently if you want new results. It’s like a free flow of information and thought. How you approach the task is up to you, there is no right and now wrong there’s just a new ending. The key is to get those creative juices flowing. Yes, we all have them, they just need a push!

Consider if you’re wanting to make changes in your business. Maybe your sales and customer service just don’t seem up to par. A brain storming session might be just what you need. The key is to stop trying to make changes with old information. The first thing a business owner does is reach into the archives of his mind for old solutions. Unfortunately today’s problems are more complicated and require more sophisticated solutions.

Was Marilyn known for her beauty and wit?

I held a workshop not long ago with business owners and asked them to draw pictures of the person they would like to be. Of course many people showed up from the “dead file,” i.e. Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy. Next I asked them to describe the traits that these people admired. The last part of the exercise was to “try on those traits” and decide how to use them to grow their  business. I know, it sounds simple doesn’t it? It is a simple task with powerful results. (There was high tension in the room, everyone thought they were getting graded on their photos!)

You see learning is best accomplished when the participants feel like whatever happen it’s “their idea.” Since we’re no longer children, we are skeptical of people who tell us what to do even if it’s good for us. The best example of this is the man who gets divorced and over time remarries the same woman. His friends all ask him why and tell him it never worked the first time. He agrees and  confesses he really doesn’t like her that much but at least he knows what to expect!

Wasn’t Thomas Edison the one who said the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over again and expecting different results? It’s up to you to determine your end results.

Lisbeth Calandrino is a coach who helps people discover their true direction in life.  To reach Lisbeth  to have her speak to your group or for a personal consultation, she can be reached at

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A Little Anger Can Be A Dangerous Thing

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How do you feel when you're angry?

Unfortunately anger makes people feel better; that’s why they continue yelling.

It’s been a long time since anyone was angry with me. Last week, I was accused of something that made no sense. The person kept yelling at me while I kept trying to understand the problem. The more I tried to explain, the louder my friend became.  I tried to ask a couple of questions, and she refused to answer. It was at that point I also realized she had been drinking.

This woman considers herself a professional and a friend. I was doing okay until my primitive “fight/flight” response kicked in. As a small child, it seemed like I was always defending myself against ‘the big kids.’ I wasn’t a ‘flight’ kid; I was a ‘fight’ kid. Since then I’ve tempered my ways except for a brief altercation with a guy trying to rob my bank deposit about 20 years ago. I know the police said I was crazy, but I kept the bag and gave the guy a broken nose.

Back to my story. “Enough is enough,” were my exact words. I said I was done listening and was hanging up. I was fuming and felt violated, powerless to fix the problem and threatened. I was trying to discuss the problem logically, but I realized she was enjoying her anger, and I was beginning to feel my own anger. I decided there was no need to allow her to enjoy her confrontation.

Several weeks ago, I wrote a blog on who’s pushing your buttons? Because of this, I received a call asking me if I might do a seminar on the topic. On Thursday, I’m doing a customer service seminar on “Is Someone or Something Pushing Your Buttons?” If you’re in the retail business, you’ve no doubt experienced the wrath of an angry customer.

As I recall my experience last week, it was obvious that I had somehow pushed her buttons, and  now she was pushing mine.

I’ve had enough training to know that anger generally covers up scare, and the angry person is typically in the protection mode.  It was obvious that the person yelling was frightened but was not going to admit to that. You see anger often makes people feel dominant because it raises endorphin levels. That’s why anger is such a powerful drug. The term endorphin rush is sometimes used in normal speech to refer to a feeling of wellness caused by exercise, danger or stress.

Anger produces endorphins.

Exercise also produces endorphins.


Another term which is commonly used is runner’s high. It refers to the feeling being ‘full of energy and wellness’ after exercise. It is commonly said that the “high” is a result from the release of bigger amounts of endorphins in the body during the exercise. However, some scientists think this feeling is caused by the challenge rather than the endorphin release.

I decided to write her a letter, focusing on the  issues and explaining that things were fine. I also told her I hoped that my explanation would alleviate her fears. Would she acknowledge she was fearful? At this point, it’s off my plate.

What do you do? If you can remember the angry person is feeling threatened, it will help you not get drawn into a battle.  If you can get them to relate to that you have a chance. If they continue to yell, they’re obviously enjoying what they’ve created, and it may be hard to intervene.


Anger is a powerful and complicated emotion and rarely if ever justified. The key is finding a way not to be drawn into the battle.

I’m interested to know how you handle angry people.

Lisbeth helps businesses build loyal customers through customer service and sales strategies. She also teaches a class called “Powerful Communication Skills.” For more information and to hire Lisbeth, she can be reached at

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Are There Cracks In Your Rose Colored Glasses?

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Rose-colored glasses with cracks in them.

If you have on rose-colored glasses does that mean you won’t see what’s really going on? Is it possible to be too positive? The answer may be yes and no.

I was speaking to a friend the other day who told me that she was going to buy a new car.

“What’s wrong with the car I asked?”

“Nothing she said, I just want a new one.”

Keep in mind that my friend is always complaining about money and how many payments she has to make each month. Her car only has 56,000 miles on it.

How many times have you said I’ll buy this now and pay for it later? I’m expecting a big check and when the check came you used it to pay another bill. I think we’ve all done that sooner or later and years later wonder why we have so much debt. This causes us to buy houses we can’t afford and a closet full of clothes.

Those rose-colored glasses can blind us to problems that need fixing. (Do I need a second job or why do I always spend more than I make?)

Everyone I know says, I can write a book; someday I will. They say that 81% of the population says they will write a book and less than 1% ever do! The point is that ‘saying’ and ‘doing’ are two different things. Maybe writing a book isn’t up your alley so why even put it on your list.

Studies on ‘positive illusions’ conclude that optimism becomes maladaptive when it causes us to overestimate our current abilities. A little dose of pessimism might actually work in your favor if it prevents you from investing in something foolish like a house you don’t need or a business that doesn’t have a chance to succeed.  I’m not suggesting you look at the world as all ‘dooms and gloom’ but a little dose of rain might put you back on the right track.

Is there such a thing as a coincidence?

Coincidence is something that happens to you when you focus on what you want.

Your own world is full of possibilities that just need a second look. Instead of dreaming about what you would like to have, why not focus on the things in your neighborhood of opportunities. You know we all have them. We only need to train our minds to look for them. Many call them ‘coincidences’ and say that some people have good luck. Consider that within your life, there are many people who would be willing to help you explore those coincidences. A coincidence can quickly turn into a possibility if it’s given some attention.

Maybe it’s time to take off those rose-colored glasses and peer into your true potential.

Lisbeth Calandrino helps individuals build sale and customer service strategies. She has been  guilty of looking through rose-colored glasses.

Lisbeth can help you and your team look at your own possibilities. She can be reached at




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Why Do People Push My Buttons?

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You must be a jerk!

While having my hair done my friend told me about her recent trip to a retreat. Everything was fine until she mentioned to her friend that she was feeling uncomfortable about something that was recently said. She said the woman started yelling at her to tell her she shouldn’t feel that way. My friend was so upset and annoyed she moved to the other side of the room. She said she was sure smoke was coming out of her ears. It was at that point she had a revelation. The woman was right, why was she so uncomfortable?

Often times in life we have experiences that ‘push our buttons,’ as they say.

The other day I was in the supermarket, and someone almost knocked me over. My first feeling was that of irritation. Someone pushed my button.  It’s almost as if we have actual buttons installed on our body waiting for someone to turn on their emotional switches. Suddenly, I looked around and it was a small child who bumped into me. He was yelling for his mother and didn’t see me. My mood changed and instead of being angry, I bent down to comfort the child.

Think about it in a retail situation. The customer doesn’t call us back and we say she’s just a jerk. If we don’t call her, we make excuses for our behavior. No wonder customer service is such a mess.

Like my friend, I wondered, why was I annoyed and how was I able to change my mood so quickly? Why didn’t I ‘think’ and the act, instead of the other way around?

Do you remember something called the Fundamental Attribution Error? (Check out the link to Psychology 101) Basically it FAE means that we assume a negative intention behind someone’s behavior. On the other hand if I commit the behavior, I would claim that I did it accidentally. It’s okay for me to act a certain way, but not you. If you’re late I believe it’s because you’re either a jerk, or did  it on purpose or don’t care; even if you have an excuse. If I’m late, it’s okay; my excuse is legitimate and my intentions are good. When you’re late, I blame it on your character.

According to psychologists, when we get annoyed because people act differently from us it’s likely  a case of F.A.E. For example   you might say out loud or to yourself, don’t they realize it’s impolite to be late?  Instead of looking at the external situation, we put an emphasis on their personality characteristics to explain their behavior. Basically, I’m better than you. (Something to think about.)

My friend and I discussed why we think we need to question other’s motives; why not just assume they too have good intentions and mean no harm?

Imagine how much better our world would be if we all thought that way?

Lisbeth helps people improve their communication skills to build better their relationships with their employees and customers. She can be reached at


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The Value of Yoga: A Better Business and Better Life

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“I honor the spirit in you which is also the spirit in you.”

Six weeks ago, but who’s counting, I hurt my back. Instead of going to the gym, I’ve been going to  physical therapy.

I’m having withdrawal from the gym and my Yoga class.

I have been going to Yoga class for almost a year. At first, I could barely get through trying to ‘get centered.’ I kept thinking. I wish this part would be over. I thought Yoga was for ‘the other types people,’ and I wondered why I was going to class. You know the ones I mean–they walk slower than us ‘quick types.’

Now I know why I go. I’ve learned to pay  attention to my mind and my body.

Now I look forward to putting things out of my mine and just ‘sitting’. I went out and bought a beautiful poster which says the following:

 Namaste: I honor in you the spirit which is in me.

Here’s a little explanation. The gesture Namaste represents the belief that there is a Divine spark within each of us that is located in the heart chakra. The gesture is an acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul in another. Nama means bow, as means I, and te means you. Therefore,namaste literally means “bow me you” or “I bow to you.”


Everything about Yoga is about being able to focus and be present.  Being present is often one of the most difficult concepts to accept. Being present in business and not projecting into the future or the past is hard for many owners. With all types of distractions, it’s more difficult to focus on anything for a short period of time. The value of focus shouldn’t be underestimated. It seems like the new diagnosis for anyone who can’t sit still is adult attention deficit.

I’m not a physician, but I know my own problem with focus goes  back to my childhood when anxiety ruled by life. Some focused group work through the years, along with Yoga, has helped me determine what’s important in my life and simply, ‘pay attention.’


Having clarity is the ability to see things as they are before you act. This state is challenging for many of us, but it’s something that has extraordinary value.  We all know that no matter the size of the  challenge, clear thinking is important. It takes time and focus; both of which are hard to maintain for us “get it done types.” The more we can focus and stay centered, the more likely we’ll  come up with a better solution.


We often talk about empathy in business. Understanding what other’s need and then learning how to give it to them or help them get it helps us build solid relationships. It takes time and understanding. Having enough time is what many of us wish for. Maybe it’s not that we need more time, maybe we just need to use what we have in a better way.


I have found that Yoga has helped me realize that I can be still. For me, this has been a hard lesson to learn. My normal state is being active and thinking that’s the only way things get accomplished. I’m beginning to realize there’s much to be gained by just sitting and staring.


If peace and focus is something you’re yearning, find a Yoga class to attend. The calmness is something that doesn’t happen right away but don’t hurry the process. It’s hard to unlearn what you’ve been doing for years; it might take more than one class.

Lisbeth help individuals  determine what’s important to their success and how to achieve it. She can be reached through her web site,

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Can 20 Seconds Change Your Life?

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Happiness is in our powerI’ve been wondering about the components of happiness and how one can be even happier. Like everyone else, there are days when I don’t feel happy; now I realize it’s because I’m not emerged in my passions. When I’m feeling passionate and energized, it’s because I’m doing things that I know cause a change. My passion is learning and education and sharing that with the world.

So what is the 20-second rule? According to author Shawn Achor, we need to make tiny energy adjustments.  He says that by making small energy adjustments, we can reroute the path of least resistance and replace bad habits with good ones.  Consider that you check your Facebook page once an hour, and you know you really don’t think it’s a valid idea. Shawn would say to take the Facebook icon off your computer so that you have to go to the Internet and log in. Since this takes up more time, you will be less likely to log on as many times.

The key is to rearrange things, so they are ‘inconvenient’ and take more than 20 seconds to do. Don’t want to watch TV as much? Move the television to a place that is impossible to reach with the remote unless you have to stand up and walk to it.

We may know what we want to do in life, but we just don’t do it. Basically, we are composed of habits; almost everything we do is an engrained     habit. When we get up, how we get ready, what we eat and when we eat. The only way things will changes is if we break those habits and replace them with others. How many treadmills have been changed into clothing racks despite all the good intentions?

Consider habits as financial capital—forming one today is an investment that will give returns years down the road.  It’s not about willpower. Trying not to eat the cookies just makes us tired. Instead, we finally break down and take the path of least resistance and eat them all. We like things that are easy. Why go out and ride your bike when you can watch television? I thought I was crazy sleeping in my exercise clothes but it sure makes it easy to get to a six AM class at the gym.

One tip, make what you want to do easy to get. Make what you’re doing now, harder.

Lock up the frig and give your next door neighbor the combination with instructions on when it’s to be opened.  Sure it sounds crazy but will you call him every time you need a snack?

By adding this 20 seconds a day to your life, you will probably gain hours. Get rid of the short cuts that keep you connected to things you want to change. Instead, build new habits.

Is t worth it? You be the judge.

Lisbeth helps businesses build pattern changes that will help them be more successful. She does this through customer service training and social media marketing. She can be reached through her web site:

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“Cross your heart and hope to die?”

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This week I  taught a class in goal setting  for a customer service department. While doing my research I came upon some interesting information about goal setting. Yes, you can read the ‘Secret,’ memorize your goals and say you’re going to be the best. But being the best is more than a mindset, it’s a lifestyle. (If you  haven’t read the ‘Secret’, it’s based on the law of attraction. Basically what you think about is what you get and attract.)

If you want to win you have to act like a winner. A couple of things we know about winners -they don’t give up. They may fear failure but they continue on there path.

Winners also keep   promises to themselves.

Breaking a promise is different than not getting   your goal. A promise is more emotional. Remember ‘cross your heart and hope to die?’A promise is about emotion—you don’t want to break a promise.

Winners look and play the part of the winner. So, maybe what’s more important is deciding you want to be something—make it personal and decide to keep your promise.

For the past 4 years I’ve been lift weights at the gym and keeping score. I have dozens of sheets with numbers—how much I’ve lifted and what day of the week. They’re goals. I like keeping score. It makes me feel like I’m doing something.

But, am I really? I seem to have lost my reason for going to the gym. As I look at the numbers, I realize I haven’t pushed myself very much. My excuses are my rotatory cuff pain and my old ski injury.  I shouldn’t say I haven’t improved or reduced my body fat, because I have but I’m bored. I found an old Jillian Michaels CD, the 30 Day Shred.  I decided to start with the beginners 30 minutes of weight training and aerobics, what a difference. After the workout I felt like I had done something.  Jillian knows what she’s doing. For the first time in a long time I felt I was doing something for myself.

I remember as a kid, my mom broke promises. There was always a good reason why we couldn’t do something but when you’re small the reasons don’t matter. Mom seemed to be okay with us not taking our trip to NYC to see my cousins because I got the measles but I just cried. (I don’t think we ever went to NYC that year to see them.)

Maybe I don’t make promises because I can’t depend on myself to keep them?

  • How about some promises to yourself? To be healthy would be a good promise if you want to live longer.
  • Promises to enjoy life and do the things that give you pleasure.
  • Promise to find things to love—a person or a pet or your garden.
  • Promise to become the best mom you can be to yourself.
  • Make a few promises to yourself and see if they feel different than the goals that you can’t remember.

Promises are the uniquely human way of ordering the future, making it predictable and reliable to the extent that this is humanly possible.

Hannah Arendt (1906 – 1975)

Lisbeth helps businesses build loyal relationships with their customers through customer service training and social media marketing. She can be reached at

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A Lottery Tale: Are Lucky People Winners Or Winners Just Lucky?

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While in my down-facing-dog Yoga position, it occurred to me that today was the day the local lottery winner was claiming the loot. I didn’t want to miss it; I never met a lottery winner or  Yoland Vega, the voice of the lottery.

As a side note,  I just seriously started attending Yoga classes about a month ago, and now I’m hooked.  I find it clears my mind and revs up my energy level. If you want to know more about Yoga check out this link.

The timing was right and a half-hour later I was at the Stewart’s Shops in East Greenbush  waiting for the winners.

Life is filled with stories, and this event is no different. It seems that the person who didn’t win bought 50 tickets ahead of the one who did win. Debra, the winner, bought the last ticket available. She bought it because the clerk said, buy it, I think it’s lucky. Debra said she wouldn’t have bought it because it was a five dollar ticket, and she never spends more than two dollars.

The man before her said, I won’t buy the last ticket because  last isn’t lucky. I wonder where he got this advice?

Think about it, he only needed to buy one more ticket to win a million dollars. Okay don’t tell me,  like so many people I met today that a million dollars isn’t really that much. I guess they never tried to save a million dollars or earn it for that matter.

Wow, two different theories about luck. Debra, said she went with her gut and why not take a chance?

The puzzle remains, how do you know when to give up (and not buy number 51) or buy 51 because the clerk said so?(Great link to not giving up.)

Talk about great customer service on the clerk’s part! Great customer service is listening to your customers; could he had heard she wanted to win?

Personally, I think luck is about connections, feelings and deciding to be at the right place at the right time.

Yes, I said deciding to be at the right place.

I believe our unconscious mind knows everything. Call it karma, or religion we all believe in something. I asked Debra if she believed in luck to which she replied no. But she said  she liked the clerk, and his advice felt right.

I asked the lottery officials about winning, and they all gave me that same old advice; you’ve got to play to win. Let’s not forget the clerk’s part in all of this–great salesmanship. Sometimes the customer just needs a push from the salesperson who knows the two most important principles of sales. The two principles are having enthusiasm and building rapport with your customers.

For the clerk Debra  was the right customer. She said if she won he would win.

Nice story.

Maybe go with your gut; good life advice too.

Lisbeth Calandrino helps businesses build loyal relationships with their customers through customer service and sales training. Need a speaker? She can be reached at Lisbeth  is also the co-author of CONTAGIOUS OPTIMISM! Learn more about (publisher: Viva Editions).

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Of Course You Can Get Through Your Regrets

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Why is hindsight so clear?

Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard said, “Life can only be understood backwards, but must be lived forwards.” What a great insight!

At one time or another we all regret a choice we’ve made; it’s just being human. We can’t always choose the right path. But instead of  regretting your choice,  think about the positive aspects of your decision. What did you learn, how did you make the decision? Was it based on your present situation or future possibilities?

Last year I made a decision to buy a house  on a little  lake that was  similar to  my childhood home.  Unfortunately I based the decision on the fantasy of “how I would like to use the house” rather than the  reality of my life.  Last summer I spent one weekend in the house, despite the fact that it’s less than one hour from my home in Albany.  I hope it’s a good investment but only time will tell.

According to Dr. Michael Craig Miller, regrets  can help us make sense of our life and our choices.

How do you get through regrets? Here are a few things I’ve come up with, let me know what you think.

I know this sounds simplistic but get over it! Getting too involved in regrets is pointless. Why spend time hashing and rehashing—it’s over. A friend of mine told me today that she is still trying to get over a 14 year relationship. She and her ex-boyfriend still continue to hash things over and over despite the fact that they both say it’s over!

View the experience positively. Remember the concept called Yin Yang? The ancient Chinese subscribe to a belief that there exist two complementary opposite forces in the universe. One is Yin, which is characterized as negative or feminine, the other is s Yang which represents everything positive or masculine. One is not better than the other, they just co-exist. There is a positive and negative side to everything.

If we apply them to life we could say  there are two opposite sides to every event. In the case of our regret, it can be a positive learning experience. Ask yourself, how has this bad decision helped me? What have I learned, is there a good  side to my bad decision?

This past week my favorite restaurant burned to the ground. The restaurant  was one of the reasons that I bought my lake house. The restaurant had good food, good people and was the meeting place for everyone living on the lake.

Today I went to see the devastation. All I could think about was where will I go now? How will I find my summer friends?

It all felt so strange, it was my favorite place! I finally decided that there was a reason why I needed to move on. I’m not sure what it is but I’m practicing having “no regrets.”

Stay true to yourself. This is not about you being selfish, this is knowing yourself and doing what’s right for you. Maybe when you made the decision you weren’t doing the right thing for yourself.

Let your ethics be your guide. Socrates’ guiding rule was “know thyself.”

Stretch yourself. So you took a risk and it wasn’t right for you. According to, sometimes taking a chance, regardless of how crazy it seems, can make your life more enjoyable.

Give yourself a break, try something that’s scary. Trying new things can free your spirit and give you a new joy for living. What’s wrong with that?

Most likely you’ll get to take more risks and make more mistakes. “Mistakes are sometimes the best memories.” Anonymous.

Let us know how you get  through your regrets.

Lisbeth Calandrino is a business coach and speaker. For some fun tips on living, download her book, Brain Snacks.






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Is The Juice Worth the Squeeze?

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Is it worth it?Sometimes the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. You spend all kinds of time on a project and it doesn’t go anywhere or you spend time doing things that don’t matter. We all do it. In fact the reason I’m writing this blog is because that’s what I did today–nothing that was important unless you consider watching Madonna at half-time important or going to the movies. Maybe it was–but tomorrow it won’t be.

Considering how busy all of us are, it’s amazing how much time we waste. If you want to get things done you will have to do what matters not what you think you have to do. By the way, here is a  link to a great article on time wasting.

How do you know if the squeeze  is worth it?

First, look at where  you spend your time. I love Farmville but one day I spent two hours cleaning up the barn , getting gifts, sending gifts and digging up the  dead crops. I felt bad that I wasn’t replying to friends and thanking them for gifts. I began to feel anxious, maybe they would “unfriend” me if I didn’t play. It was at that point that I started to think, was Farmville paying the rent? It didn’t take long to answer that question. I realized there are so many thousands of people playing Farmville that they’ll never miss me. (I hope they will!)

Second,  come up with some criteria, what is important in your life, what do you want to get done, what makes getting up in the morning worth it? Is it having fun, making money, being noticed, making a difference? What is important to you? Watch yourself, what are you doing when you’re not doing what you say you should be doing? Wow, lots of words.

Third, how do  you know what’s important in your life? Think about your values, what  really matters? How would you like to be remembered after you’re gone? What would you like written on your tombstone?  

Third, ask yourself, are these the real things I want to do,  and if not, why aren’t I doing them? I felt exceptionally tired this year after getting back from Surfaces but kept on working. All I wanted to do today was go to the movies and watch Madonna. I have so much to do I don’t want to begin.

Fourth, write down your goals and attach a time limit. When do you want to get them done? If the project is really big, “chunk it down” so you can get started. Do a little bit at a time it will cut down on your stress.

Fifth, put health on your list.  Get plenty of  sleep,  the right food and exercise. Whether I say it or not, I know this is first on my list and one of my most important values. I love cooking and going to the gym and I know I feel better because of it. If I can only get the sleep thing down. Any ideas? I have never liked to sleep. 

I know these may sound simple but sometimes simple is good.

Lisbeth Calandrino would live at the gym if she could. When she’s not at the gym she is speaking and coaching salespeople and business owners.

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