Branded or Not? Does Yours Need A Makeover?

//Branded or Not? Does Yours Need A Makeover?

Branded or Not? Does Yours Need A Makeover?

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Michael Jackson

Will we ever forget the white glove?

When do you decide that your branding needs to change? I’ve actually been thinking about this for myself but don’t have an answer. Maybe I should look to Starbucks for the answer. They have just changed their logo. By the way, their logo hasn’t been changed since they went public in 1979. Does everyone know the Starbucks logo? Maybe a better question, will everyone know the logo in 50 years? Okay maybe that’s a ridiculous question but I think a good one.

According to the CEO of Starbucks,  Howard Shultz, “Even though we have been and always will be a coffee company and retailer, it’s possible we’ll have other products with our name on it and no coffee in it. We’re not going to put our name on things that dilute the quality of Starbucks.” These are the kinds of things that make the “branding” community crazy. I like the old brand; did they ask customers if they should change their “brand?” It doesn’t appear that they discussed the logo change with their customers.

Starbucks is building now for the future. Smart.

What do you think about this?

How do you know when to change your logo or your branding? Will we ever forget the Michael Jackson “white glove?” Check out this link to Rick Bacus and the Michael Jackson brand.

Pepsi promotes the pronunciation “Pesi” in Spain and has a Pesi website  about pronunciation which reflects in a  humorous way how people from Argentina pronounce English words in a different way, e.g. “Rocanroll”, “Daunlos”. That’s a change in their brand.

What about your brand, how do you know what people think about it? Best shot, ask them. Does your web site  reflect who you really are?

What about the BP brand? It has the distinct value of losing all of it’s brand power in one year. The only comparable brand loss was AIG. The best thing you can do is continually build your brand equity so people will remember you. Did you know anything about either of them until all the bad publicity? Did they forget to do their “branding” homework?

Who can help you build the equity? Your customers can. It’s easy these days; that’s one of the things that  Facebook can do for your business.

Building your brand means “being out there” so people know who you are.

By the way, do you know who you are?Are you using the talent that you have or are you trying to put a square peg in a round hole? This is the question faced by many entrepreneurs; how do I be me and make a living? Can I make a living being me?

Can you imagine spending 20 years doing something your really hate? Lots of people do.

Start by asking yourself, how much do I love my business? How do I make this business me so I can enjoy my life in my business?

Is my personal brand reflected in my business or am I trying to be something or someone I’m not?

Not exactly sure what type of branding you project, ask your friends and business associates what they see.  This question will get you amazing answers; answers that I think you can take to the bank. Maybe you are being you or maybe you’ve been thinking about being you.

What makes me or my business unique, do I like that person or that brand? These questions aren’t that difficult, we all know the answers. The secret is taking action. Taking action is what will fuel your mind, your heart and your business. Ask yourself, what do I have to do to take action? Why aren’t I taking action, what frightens me? Am I worried about what people will think if I am really me?

Need help getting some new answers? Great article on Marketing Profs about branding.

Join me on January 2oth from 8:30-11:30 AM at Professor Java’s Coffee Sanctuary, 217 Wolf Road, Albany, New York for three hours of Brand Building for yourself or your business. Please call me or email me to register for the course. The cost is $30.00 and includes breakfast! Hope you can join me, I guarantee it will be fun and informative.

Why not build your brand on” you?” Who could be better?

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