Small Business Saturday: Make it Your Celebration

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Small Business Saturday: Make it Your Celebration

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The first annual Small Business Saturday, November 27, 2010.

Small businesses unite.

November 27th has been declared small business Saturday

“This is the start of a movement,” said Kenneth Chenault, CEO and Chairman of American Express since 2001. November 27th has been proclaimed Small Business Saturday.  “Small Business Saturday” is being spread on Facebook and Twitter with American Express extending an offer of $25.00 card credit to the first 100,00 who sign up to to use their American Express to make a purchase.

The “Small Business Saturday” initiative was launched this week on social networking websites to help participants spread the word about the impact of local spending.  According to advocacy group The 3/50 Project, $68 of every $100 spent in small businesses remains in the community.  It is also estimated by the federal government that 2/3rds of all new American jobs over the past two decades have been created by small businesses.  The idea behind shop locally and the 3/50 Project was spearheaded by Cynda  Baxter.   Check out her blog, Always Upward.

These days the Internet makes it a lot easier to start a movement, states  Nathan McGee,  in his blog about starting a movement.  The Harvard Business Review talks about creating movements, taking charge and learning how to lead.  Here’s a download-able pdf file, from Corporate Performance Resources, that talks about leadership and responsibility. With leadership, goes responsibility and a certain amount of stress. Leadership isn’t for everyone nor is the stress that can come with leadership.  Of course, there’s good stress and bad stress.  Making something happen is definitely good stress.

As “Small Business Saturday” approaches, make the most of it for your business.  Post “Support Small Business Saturday” on your Facebook. Twitter and blog about it.    Let’s turn it into something that makes consumers pay attention.   As small business owners, this is another opportunity for us to join in and promote our “smallness” and our “uniqueness”.  It also is an opportunity to show we’re united.

Does it work for the floor covering industry?  I spoke with Joan Cocuzzo of Flooring American in Franklin, MA .  She’s all for it!

“Anything that gets the customer out is a good thing.  In my 15 years of experience, I find that customers are buying electronics and toys after Thanksgiving and not flooring. Of course we will certainly be open on Saturday supporting “Small Business Saturday” and welcoming our customers,” says Joan.

What can you do?  Join up with your business neighbors and create a cross over promotion; they say two heads are better than one.  We know that two pocketbooks are better than one.

Celebrate your business; have a birthday party for your store!

Celebrate small businesses everywhere, help customers see that you’re proud to be a small business.

Don’t forget to have special coupons or give-a-ways for the day.

Plan for special demonstrations, gift cards, bands, give away poinsettia plants  or Christmas trees.

You’ve got plenty of help with the day; remember American Express is spearheading the event and the last I looked there were almost 900 people on Facebook  “liking”  the day.

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